Bath Screens


Bath screens are made to stop water from getting on the floor when someone in the tub is bathing or showering. Water is often splashed from the tub when these activities are taking place and the water creates a mess and a hazard. You are much more likely to slip and fall if the floor is wet than you would when the floor is dry. If the floor gets wet repeatedly then it can begin to rot away because of the moisture. You can also get a mold and mildew problem if the surface of the floor is continuously gotten wet and does not dry out for long periods of time. Bath screens can stop all of these things from happening.

Bath screens can also add a luxurious look and feel to your bathroom. They can make the room look larger also. A transparent bath screen can make the room appear to be larger than it would look with a colored shower curtain hanging in the same area.


You have several choices in the style of bath screens you can install into your bathroom. You can get sliding screens or screens that pivot. With the ones that slide you can create an entrance to the tub that is larger or smaller to accommodate the person getting in or out of the bath. These pieces are excellent when you need to place children or pets in the tub.

When you have children or pets in the bath you generally have to be kneeling beside the tub so that you can assist them with their bath. You will e able to do this and able to keep them from splashing water out of the other portion of the tub. When you have pets the portion of the screen that remains closed will keep them from escaping while you are trying to give them a bath.

You can get folding versions that offer an extended amount of coverage when it is needed. You can get versions of this item that are stabilized and fixed in one place. Because of their flexibility the folding versions are very useful in aiding in mobility when the elderly are getting in and out of the shower unit.

With bath screens you can choose ones that are clear and transparent to enhance the look of the tile in your bath. You can also choose pieces that have been acid etched to create an opaque look so that you cannot see past the glass surface. The opaque images on the glass surface can be crafted to create picture scenes or designs. You can add a personal flare by using these items.

You can purchase many different types of hinges and hardware to create a look in your bathroom that you will find pleasing. You will find hardware that is chrome, and polished brass, and nickel plated. You have the opportunity to get versions of these items that have hidden hinges so they appear to be free floating on the surface.

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