Change Sink Taps

Kitchen sink taps are an essential part of your kitchen area and are probably the most used as well. And after a while these sink taps may need attention as the rings may wear out and that’s when your tap starts to slowly drip water and in turn raises your water bill. This can be prevented buy maintaining your kitchen sink taps, or if need be to change them altogether.

This article will touch on how you can change a kitchen sink tap, don’t worry there’s pretty much nothing to it, and in the long run it will save you money so you don’t have to hire a professional to do the job for you.


First of all find the main to your water supply this can either be found underneath the kitchen sink or sometimes outside near the road. Make sure to turn off the cold as well as hot water, once you have done this you can then begin to remove the retaining nuts which hold the sink taps in place using a basin wrench, remove the nuts holding the tap, the faucet and handles.

Use the basin wrench to remove the water pipes attached to the tap, have a bucket ready at hand because when you release the pipes from the tap you will find that there is still a little water inside the pipes.

You should be able to lift the tap out of it’s socket and foundation and apply plumbers putty around the edge of the old taps footprint. Once you have done this, gently press down the new gasket that comes with the new sink tap into the putty. Then insert your new tap into the sockets over the gasket, when you purchased your new sink tap you would have got some tools that will allow you to secure and tighten the faucet and tap to it’s foundation.

Hook everything back up using your basin wrench and make sure that all water lines are secure and tight. Let everything set for at least one hour before turning the main water supply on, then begin to check for any suspect leaks that may appear to make sure you have done a good job.

If you find that there are leaks then it is most likely you did not put enough putty around the faucet, simply redo the above steps to make sure and ad a little extra putty to the area.

Of course you could always make it easy on yourself and call an expert. We would be happy to help! Our contact details are below.

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