Commercial Property Maintenance

Property maintenance means to upkeep a property through good housekeeping and maintenance. The property may include a commercial building, a dwelling unit or any estate.

Property maintenance may include wide range of services, which may vary with the type of property involved. Generally these include from day to day cleaning, to air conditioning, plumbing, fire safety, electrical wiring, boarding, glazing, locksmiths, refurbishment or roofing.


As it requires varied skills a number of companies may be employed in these services. Nowadays, there are many specialized companies which provide all these services under one roof to make the work hassle-free for the property owners (although a specialized company may subcontract many other companies to perform the maintenance).

Playing an important role in the retail industry as the image of the retail businesses services has a direct impact on its profit; therefore they require maintaining the highest level of standard. To supply the highest standards, large companies work in a totally planned way well in advance to minimize disruption.

Property maintenance companies offer many services like asset maintenance, tenant retention, communication tools, cost controls, round the clock coverage, emergency response, professional uniforms, employee training programs and vehicles. Property maintenance agencies also provide round the clock preventive maintenance services, which may include various services that vary as per the construction or type of occupancy or as per the requirement of the property owner.


An effective commercial maintenance program may include:

  • First aid fire extinguishers: Checking, cleaning as well as refilling
  • Safety program: Running continuous safety training program for daily visitors
  • Smoke alarms: Checking of panels, testing of detectors and batteries, and re-setting
  • Water heaters: Checking, draining and de-scaling
  • Rain gutters: Cleaning and checking for secure fastening
  • Roofing and flashing: Repairing and inspection
  • Doors and windows: Inspecting all weather stripping, locks, hinges and doors
  • Lawn sprinklers: Re-setting of timers, inspecting, testing and replacing of heads
  • Electrical checks: Checking of electrical loads and related backup arrangements to ensure continued power supply and to avoid any disruption.

An effectively planned range of services coupled with a good feedback system are the essentials of any good property maintenance service provider. As the size of the retail business grows, the cost of maintenance grows. Having a reliable all-round property maintenance company on a contract can reduce these ongoing costs.

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