Doors that are to be located on the exterior of your home need to be given plenty of thought before you make a final choice. Several differing factors need to be taken into consideration for exterior doors. The type of wood. The design. The color. How well it has been weather-treated. And of course, what do you want your door to look like?

You can find doors made of all sorts of wood types, from oak to mahogany and much more. Learn or ask about how well each of these wood types fares as an exterior door. Overall, you will find that most woods are acceptable as exterior doors due to the ways we can now treat wood to stand up to the changes in temperature, moisture, and so forth. Likewise, if you intend to have a storm door, this door will be able to further protect your exterior door to the harsh changes of the seasons.


Doors can come in all kinds of styles. From arched doors to classic rectangular designs, you can also include any number of panels, lights, and additional designs to make the door truly your own. Some exterior doors are specifically designed to go without a storm door and have sometimes been called “entry doors.”

These door types are made to be heavier, stronger, more resistant, and even more ornate than other doors. From small, welcoming shelves to nothing but glass panels, you can choose how you want your door to be.

A great way to choose an exterior door is to take a photo of your house and then obtain photos of possible doors. Either with physical cut-outs or with a computer photo manipulation program, place the potential doors over your current door in the photo. How does it look? Do you want it to be a different color? Do you like the look of real wood? Does it need more windows?

Being able to visualize how the finished door will look once it is installed in your home is an excellent way of helping to finalize your decisions and feel positive about how it will look once the project is finished.


Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask questions of the professionals. They are there to help aid you in your door quest, and you want to make the right choice for yourself and your home. And it won’t hurt to hear a few compliments on your new door from friends and family members once it’s done!

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