Dryer Vent/Extractor Fan Care and Installation

Over time, exhaust vents, lint screens, filters and other components will require routine maintenance. This will help to reduce potential fire hazards, keep the operating costs to a minimum and ensure the dryer operates efficiently.

Dryer fires in residential buildings across the UK have become too common and worse to note is that the fires have caused deaths, severe injuries, and property losses. Failure to clean is among the leading causes of these fires, in addition to fibre, dust, and lint.

Moisture contamination can as well have nasty effects to a building and its inhabitants. If left unattended for long, the results could be extremely worse. So to reduce these effects, routine care of extractor fans and other appliances must be undertaken.

Basic practices can help

Employing a few basic practices could go along a way in keeping your dryer vent or extractor fan in proper condition after installation.

Dryer vent

In the case of a dryer vent, make the effort to clean the machine’s lint filter after each load of laundry. This could help a great deal in keeping out fire-related incidents.

Appliance manufacturers also suggest that you do a yearly inspection of the dryer vent ducting system. Check the entire length and get rid of any lint build up. You can do this with the help of a brush designed specifically for this job.

If you have an exceptionally long dryer duct and you are not exactly sure how to go about this, seek the assistance of a professional.

Note that if any obstructions lurk in the vent and are left unattended, air flow to the dryer could be affected and this will consequently affect the drying time and lead to increased energy consumption. Also, if your dryer is overworking due tothe obstructions in the vent, it might end up malfunctioning pretty soon.

Lastly, remember to clean the lint screen on the regular and to never put soiled clothes, synthetic rubber, foam pillows, rubber coated sneakers or oil, gasoline or chemical impregnated material/ fabrics in the dryer.

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Extractor fan

Over time, the extractor fan and vent might gather some debris and this could affect its performance. So to keep it in proper working condition, you can use a solution comprising soap and water to clean the vent cover.  Make use of a rag or gentle cloth to remove the debris.

As for the fan blades, use a special cloth made for cleaning windows or a window cleaning spray to clean the fan blades. If the blade has any growths, use an anti-fungal solution to get rid of the growth.

After you are done cleaning the fan blades, allow it to dry completely before fixing it back again.

Lastly, before working on any extractor fan, ensure the electricity is turned off.

Stick to Regulations

Following the regulation set by both the manufacturer and the local building authority can help to keep you and your dryer vent or extractor fan safe and also ensure their smooth operation. 

Part of this regulations includesensuring that the vent ducting that transfers moist air outside the building doesn’t in any way discontinue at an antic space or a crawl space. And if it extends to the outside, ensure it doesn’t have any slopes, damages or disconnections.

If a leak takes place and the exhaust contents creep into the building, the resulting effects could be worse.

To sum up, implementing all the tips we’ve shared could bring a lot more good to your home than you can imagine. In fact, your dryer vent or extractor fan will give you really great service right from the period after the installation to the unforeseeable future.

Do you need a new dryer or bathroom vent installing? RATHER LEAVE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL?

That’s OK. Just give us a call on 0115 822 4995 and we will be happy to take care of it for you.  Call us today!