Erect a Shed

With the price of the land soaring high per square yard, better space utilisation of the existing space is the only option left with many people. What can be better than utilising the stranded place in your backyard? A garden shed in the backyard works best in such space constraint situations. Garden sheds not only give you ample storage space, but they also beautify your backyard or garden space.

And the best part is that they do not intrude into your house’s internal space, keeping it unaffected or unaltered. Moreover, if you erect a shed in the backyard it is hidden; your house’s front appearance remains the same. Another good part is that these sheds are available in a plethora of designs, shapes and types. Everyone can find a perfect shed that suits their requirements and fits in the available space. If you are unable to find a suitable shed for your backyard, you can even get them customised to suit your needs!


Sheds cater to the needs of both kinds of people, one who lives on rented property and second those who own a property. Sheds are available in mortar and brick permanent forms and also in temporary polyethylene canopy form. Garden sheds are usually very versatile in their functionality. You can use them as a make shift room, a small plant nursery, storage space, or a car port!

Here we will discuss about the different types of permanent sheds. These sheds come in a variety of building materials, each having their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Following are different types of commonly preferred garden sheds, take your pick according to your needs, space available and budget:


Wooden Sheds:

These sheds are sturdy and firm. These are deep rooted to the ground and are the most natural looking shed. The best advantage of these sheds is that they are heat resistant, which makes them the best choice for hot locations.

However, these sheds are prone to rotting due to rainfalls or snowfalls or moisture. Also, they also face split and distortion, and not to forget high probability of Termite attack always linger around them.


Metal Sheds:

These sheds are the most popular ones. These are more durable and easy to erect sheds. These have different types of sheets made from different galvanised metals. They are long lasting, fire resistant, and termite resistant and they do not rot. However, they are prone to rusting. To avoid this problem you can use galvanised metal, however, though they are not cent percent corrosion resistant. Spanbilt sheds are one of the best galvanised metal shed that comes in various shapes and sizes. Absco Sheds are another popular option, made from ribbed steel sheets that make them highly durable and sturdy.


Plastic Sheds:

They are generally made from PVC or Polyethylene, and are durable and sturdy. They do not rot or chip and are fire and termite resistant. However, they are prone to fire and heat.

With such wide availability in sizes, shapes and designs, sheds are the best option for space management project in your house!

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