Finding the Perfect Shed to Erect in Your Garden

Even if you have no logical reason to have one, erecting a shed in your home is a pretty wise move. For instance, constructing a backyard shed could be one way to keep items such as lawn equipment and gardening tools well protected and organized.

Generally, there’s a lot of benefit when you set up a shedin your yard but there’s also a lot more to lose if you choose the wrong type. Sheds can adopt different building styles and if your selected style doesn’t meet your needs, then it may ruin not just the looks but the functionality of your garden.

Shed sizes

You can go for a smaller shed if you don’t have much to keep. Such a shed will have a floor plan that is friendly to flat walls able to accommodate hooks or shelves onto which you can hang or store your smaller tools in an organized way.

But if you have large sized items such as lawn tractors or bikes, then you are better off with a much larger shed. And this will also have a large door to allow the huge items to pass through.

Shed Styles

The style of your shade will be largely influenced by the items you intend to keep in there. Knowing the different styles and designs will help you narrow down to a shed that matches perfectly to your needs.

Lean-to shed

This type of shed will have a flat back amongst other features that make it ideal for smaller spaces.  You can have such a shed erected against one side of your house or even your fence. Some people find it convenient having it fitted into another smaller yard. As for the roof, it will only have a single roof sloping forward off a tall wall. You can keep both smaller and fairly large items. It all depends on your preferred door size.

Gable shed

A gable shed is slightly larger than a lean to shed. Design-wise, it’s simply a double lean to shed so expect plenty of space where you can keep your stuff.

The design is so common in most backyards and will normally have one large door fitted at one of its ends for access. However, some are outfitted with two doors and windows as well.

You can use this type of shed for your different storage needs.

Saltbox shed

A saltbox shed and a gable shed share everything except the roof design. Both the two roofs that a gable shed has are symmetrical. Their slope from the peak is of the same size. But a saltbox has a roof that is a little shorter on one side (the rear) and longer on the other side (the front).

As for space, it can meet your diverse storage needs. You can as well outfit with multiple doors and even a window.

This design is very popular in the United States, but is slowly gaining popularity in the UK too, mainly due to it’s pleasing design.

Do you need a new garden shed erecting? RATHER LEAVE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL?

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Gambrel shed

A Gambrel shed is a very popular style on the continent, and certainly the largest of all shed styles you will come across. It looks like a Dutch Barn, and it adopts a two-stage design making it have plenty of interior height.

At first, the two roofs slope from the shed’s peak in equal lengths while taking a gentle download slope before changing to an extremely steeper pitch.

Due to its height and large space, it can accommodate items of all types and sizes.


Apart from the shed styles, you will also have to decide which material to go with and this will also depend on your personal preference amongst other factors. Common ones include:

  • Wooden sheds
  • Metal sheds
  • Vinyl sheds
  • Fabric sheds
  • Plastic sheds
  • Spanbilt shed
  • Asbestos shed

If you put all that we’ve mentioned into consideration, finding the right shed for your home won’t be a huge challenge. And should you ever get stuck while undertaking this process, always free to seek professional help.

Good luck!!

Do you need a new garden shed erecting? RATHER LEAVE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL?

That’s OK. Just give us a call on 0115 822 4995 and we will be happy to take care of it for you.  Call us today!