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Installing a Ring Doorbell or any long range wireless doorbell is no different than installing basic wireless doorbell systems. Although it may sound complicated, all that is needed is a button and chime unit, or a transmitter and receiver. Because no wires are necessary, the whole process of installation is fast and hassle free. Anyone can do this project on their own without the help of a professional, which is financially convenient.

Some homeowners equip each door with a unit, while others feel the front door is sufficient. Before purchasing and installing a wireless system, knowing how many transmitters are needed is imperative. Additionally, knowing the desired sound the receiver gives off is equally important, because basic units do not usually come with a full library in the memory system.

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Identifying how many receivers will be needed in and around the home is crucial. Many think it is wise to have a receiver in the garage, workshop or basement. This is where long range wireless doorbells may come in handy, due to the extra distance and range they provide. Large homes with multiple levels can benefit from having a receiver on every level, ensuring visitors and guests will never be missed.

There are add-ons that can be purchased to work with any wireless doorbell system, including a video and intercom system. Being able to see and hear the person on the other side of the door brings a sense of security to many homeowners. There is also a lighting system that is perfect for anyone living in a location with extremely high levels of noise pollution.

When installing the long range system, simply place batteries in both the button and sound units, or transmitters and receivers, and place them where convenient. The transmitter should be attached to an outside wall, close to the door, and be secured into place with screws. The receiver should be put in the main living area of the home, but not out of range of the transmitter. If there is more than one receiver, strategically place them in and around the home where needed.

Long range wireless doorbells are just as easy to install as the basic wireless systems. All that is needed is a wireless doorbell system, batteries and a screwdriver. This simple upgrade can make a home feel complete, and even secure, depending on the systems features. If a wireless upgrade is imminent, take comfort in knowing that this is a job that can be done effortlessly, without complication.

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