More people are finding out about garden landscaping and what they can achieve in their gardens. People realise the value of spending enjoyable time in their gardens and the added value to their property when they sell. The British on the whole make good use of their garden space and with the increased coverage of what is achievable via television and on line information, people are motivated to landscape their gardens and emulate what they see.

The most important consideration in garden landscaping and design is how the garden will be used. A garden’s location has a substantial influence on the garden design. The quality of a garden’s soil often has a significant influence on the success of the garden. The look of the garden can be influenced strongly by the boundary area. Usually, a smooth expanse of lawn is often considered essential to a garden. The traditional kitchen garden may be a landscape feature and is a seasonally used space separate from the rest of the residential garden. This should be incorporated into the Garden Landscaping design.

Garden landscaping and design is all about problem solving and each garden is unique and comes with its own set of problems. Perhaps the biggest challenge is ensuring that the garden is looked after properly; ideally the design should have this in mind using materials and plants with longevity.

There are normally gardens at the front and back of properties, some small and square, others long and rectangular and a similar width to the house. Utilising garden landscaping techniques and designs can help make this area more interesting.


Landscape Gardeners would recommend that you partition the garden into different areas. There are a variety of ways that you can use contrasting themes to partition the space, through a mixture of planting, colour schemes, formal and informal layouts, modern or traditional styles, or the use of external features such as arbours, or walls. You should use your own, other peoples’ and landscape garden companies’ imagination and garden designs to help create a landscaped area to work towards. Great places to find inspiration are from visiting formal gardens and specialist garden centres.

There are garden landscaping companies and individuals who will sell you their services to help design, recommend suppliers or complete the whole project themselves. Garden Landscaping can include building garden paths and patios, erecting garden fencing and pergolas, installing decking areas, laying lawns, planting out living walls, shrubs, trees and flowers.


You need to have some idea of a budget prior to starting your project and it may take several years to complete your finished plans. It can be very rewarding to see how the landscaping progresses and matures over time.

You also need to be aware of SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). SUDS is all about the type of paving & drainage systems employed to control rain water at its source rather than washing it into mains drains. New planning regulations introduced on 8th April 2010 now affect how you can pave your front garden if it is over 5 Square metres.

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