Repairs are inevitable regardless of whether you live in apartments, condos, single-family homes, or single family homes that you rent. You might find that a tenant has broken the trim on an apartment or moved a sofa. This happens more often that one would expect. These things will only get worse as the building age. To prevent further damage, it is better to address problems immediately. It is much cheaper to fix problems as they arise than to wait for all your properties to be renovated. You will need a handyman regardless of how many properties you have. You can trust him to do everything, even simple repairs.

As tenants move in and go out, they can run up against walls and scratch the paint, bang their furniture into door jams and leave dents, or even push something into a light fixture until it breaks. These types of mishaps happen every day of property maintenance. It is especially important to have someone on the call in these kinds of situations.

You can let a tenant move out and have him make any repairs needed. This may include repainting walls, repairing trim and fixtures, as well as re-laying carpet or flooring. All of these are part of normal property maintenance. However, depending on the severity of the damages, oftentimes a tenant’s security deposit will be kept to pay the handyman for larger and unexpected repairs.

Other seasonal property maintenance and cleaning can also be taken care of by a handyman. These services may include exterior painting, gutter cleaning, window washing and even changing the batteries on smoke alarms. You should create a contract that lists the services that you require, along with the dates and times you want them to be performed. Rates depend on the complexity of the work, how frequently you need them and what they cost. If you own multiple properties you may be eligible for a discount. It’s never a bad idea to ask.

Local handymen can clean up after tenants who are messy. Look for one right away!

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