Hanging Pictures and Mirrors


Hanging pictures, mirrors and artwork doesn’t have to leave your walls full of holes. Here are some tips and tricks for hanging pictures right the first time and ensuring that they stay level.

First thing to do is find a home for the picture. Once you have a location, determine the height and center for the picture. The height is usually at eye level at the center, but that depends on whose eye level the piece is being hung. Rule of thumb is between 60-66 inches to the center of the piece, but this can vary depending on what is under the picture, i.e. a sofa, credenza, dresser, etc. In this case, between 4-6 inches above should suffice. In this case, use your better judgment.


Once you determine the height and center of the piece mark the wall where the hooks will be inserted.If using wire, it is best to use two hooks to ensure the picture remains level. Depending on the width of the piece, space the hooks between 12-24 inches apart for the best stability. Hang the picture. Slightly pull the bottom of the picture away from the wall and let it fall back. Do this a few times while moving the picture on the wire left or right until it falls level.

Using wire on heavy items is not recommended as the wire causes the top of the piece to lean outward away from the wall and can either cause the wire to break or the hook to be pulled from the wall. It is recommended that wall anchors and/or screws are used on separate D-ring hooks rather than using wire. When using wall anchors, it is not necessary to find studs because all the weight is being pulled straight downward rather than outward. Drywall and anchors can hold a lot of weight. If you are able to find a stud, great. Use it. Again use your better judgment for heavy pieces. If you are not comfortable hanging heavy items, call in an insured picture hanging professional or handyman to get the job done for you.

When grouping pictures, it is best to lay them out on the floor beforehand to make sure you will like the layout. When you are satisfied with the layout, determine where the grouping will be placed on the wall. Again, between 60-66 inches should suffice. While the pictures are on the floor, turn them all upside down in the place. Get a pencil, paper and tape measure a draw a basic layout of where you will place your hooks. Smaller pieces do not require two hooks. If you find yourself straightening pictures often, get a piece a double-sided cushion tape and fix a small piece to the bottom center of the back of the picture. This will ensure the piece stays level.

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